Weight in motion station system
Build a special inspection area for trucks at the over-limit station, install dynamic weighing equipment (quartz type and flat plate type), license plate recognition and road monitoring equipment, large display screen and management computer, outline dimension detection (optional) and other equipment
System Parameters
Realize fast detection without stopping, automatically identify total vehicle weight, vehicle number, outer contour size, etc.
Accuracy classSystem accuracy ≥95%
Single shaft rated load40T
Maximum overload capacity of single axis150%
Speed range0.5~40km/h
Speed error≤±1km/h
Wheelbase error≤±100mm
Operating VoltageAC 220V 50Hz
Output informationSpeed, gross weight, axle load, number of axles, wheelbase, model and transit time
Data storageCan store 40000 pieces of data
Data interfaceRJ485 network port
Working environment-45℃~80℃,0~95%
System Features

After the truck enters the over-limit station, it can realize the rapid detection without stopping, automatically identify the total weight of the vehicle, the vehicle number, and the size of the outer contour, and display an automatic detection system that prompts the overloaded and over-limited vehicles to enter the unloading yard through a large screen. When vehicles pass through the inspection area, the whole process is monitored and filed, which is convenient for law enforcement and evidence collection of illegal vehicles.

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