Based on the company's existing scientific research results
Weighing Technology R&D Center is based on independent innovation, with the purpose of serving the survival and development of the company, seeking truth and being pragmatic, pioneering and innovating, and working hard to enhance the company's market competitiveness and promote the development of dynamic weighing technology. Based on the company's existing scientific research achievements, closely track domestic and foreign technologies in the industry, vigorously develop industrial supporting technologies marked by independent intellectual property rights, carry out extensive technical cooperation, and strive to make breakthroughs in the field of weighing. Actively carry out technical exchanges and cooperation, and improve themselves in exchanges and cooperation.
Perfect quality management system
The company has a complete quality management system and has passed the ISO: 9001 quality management system certification. It can continuously and steadily provide customers with products and solutions that meet the requirements. Software products as the main road weighing equipment supplier. At the same time, the company has obtained the AAA enterprise credit rating certificate and the qualifications of high-tech enterprise, Henan science and technology giant enterprise, technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise, specialized, special and new small and medium-sized enterprise, Zhengzhou Quartz Dynamic Truck Scale Engineering Technology Research Center and other qualifications, and has many other qualifications. A software copyright certificate.
Electronic production center and turnkey production center
The measurement production center is mainly composed of the electronic production center and the assembly production center, which are independently managed by the two production centers. Measure the production center standard, sophisticated technology, complete supporting facilities and perfect quality assurance. Since its establishment more than ten years ago, the production center has cultivated many craftsmen and equipped a variety of mechanized production equipment. With the opening of the era of Industry 4.0, China's manufacturing industry will develop into a better field and become one of the pronouns of the world's manufacturing industry. The continuous upgrading and transformation of measurement technology in R&D and production is developed in accordance with the development of the new industrial era. We firmly believe that high-quality products and a good industrial chain are the solid foundation for undertakings in various fields. Persistent development beliefs.
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